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Thomas Windsor IV 5th Baronet (1773-1816) inherited in 1804 and continued to develop the estate.

Due to pressing financial problems, Sir Thomas moved with his family to Paris in 1815 where the cost of living was lower and allowing him to generate some income by letting Wingerworth Hall. He died in Paris aged 43 leaving his three year old son Henry Joseph the 6th Baronet (1812-1856) as heir. Trustees were appointed to sell properties whilst Lady Hunloke remained in Paris but this was the start of the decline of the Wingerworth Estate despite it having iron works, coal pits, quarries and several other industries.

Sir Henry lived in the nearby Birdholme House using the hall purely for entertaining rather than live in it.

The baronetcy became extinct in 1856on Sir Henry’s death without a heir and the estate devolved to the great niece of Sir James, 7th baronet. His sister had married Philip Shelley-Sidney of Penshurst and in 1835 their eldest son was created 1st Lord de Lisle and Dudley. It was his daughter who inherited, having married Hon Frederick Fitz Clarence a son of the 1st Earl of Munster, an illegitimate son of William IV. She let the house to Sir Charles Allen, chairman of Henry Bessemer and Company of Sheffield who stayed until 1907. From 1907-18 he let the house to Col Sir Charles Seely MP one of the richest men in the country.

On her death the estate passed to Sir Philip Perceval who was distantly related to Prime Minister Spencer Perceval the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated. Like his aunt he assumed the additional surname and arms of Hunloke and had more interest in sailing26 and the London Court. He financed his lifestyle by borrowing money against the estate and continuing to let the hall. After reoccupying the house briefly in 1920 he attempted to sell the house but was unable to find a buyer. After residing for a couple of years at Buckenell Manor in Berkshire, Hunloke bought Cowbridge House, Malmesbury, where he lived for the rest of his life.

When Wingerworth Hall Estate Auction and 260 acres was auctioned in May 1920 the bidding started at £60,000 but there were no bidders at this price nor at £50,000 and £40,000. A second auction was held in July 1920 when again it was not sold. Sir Philip offered it to a local farmer for £12,000 but eventually W M Twigg and Sons of Matlock bought and demolished it.

55 Tupton related Lots were auctioned in 1920 out of a total of 187 for Wingerworth Estate.
With thanks to John D Wood & Co, auctioneers of Wingerworth Hall and Estate in July 1920, for allowing contents from their 1920 sale catalogue to be presented.
Auction Lot #Lot DescriptionLocation
Lot 15A Compact Village OccupationDerby Road
Lot 16A Compact and Valuable Small HoldingDerby Road
Lot 17Semi-Detached Dwelling HouseMartins Lane
Lot 18A Very Desirable Small HoldingMartins Lane/Nethermoor Road
Lot 19A Choice Village OccupationMartins Lane
Lot 20A Similar OccupationMartins Lane
Lot 21A Capital CottageMartins Lane
Lot 22A Similar CottageMartins Lane
Lot 23Accommodation PastureMartins Lane
Lot 24Accommodation PastureMartins Lane
Lot 25Valuable Mixed WoodlandsMartins Lane
Lot 26Woodthorpe FarmAshover Road
Lot 27Woodthorpe Hall FarmAshover Road
Lot 28Cowlishaw WoodAshover Road
Lot 29Woodthorpe Grange FarmAshover Road
Lot 30One of the Most Attractive Smaller HoldingsAshover Road
Lot 31Semi-detached Dwelling House
Ashover Road
Lot 32The Adjoining
Dwelling House
Ashover Road
Lot 33Woodthorpe Mill FarmMill Lane
Lot 34Hill Top FarmDerby Road
Lot 34aFar Tupton WoodAshover Road
Lot 40Egstow Hall FarmBrassington Lane and Station New Road
Lot 41A Modern Dwelling HouseAshover Road
Lot 42Two Modern HousesAshover Road
Lot 43Accommodation PastureAshover Road
Lot 44Accommodation PastureAshover Road through to Derby Road
Lot 45Accommodation LandAshover Road through to Derby Road
Lot 46A Commanding Corner Siteopposite Tupton Tap
Lot 47Three Enclosures of Grassland
Derby Road/Nethermoor Road
Lot 48A Detached CottageNethermoor Road
Lot 49A Similar CottageNethermoor Road
Lot 50A Piece of Garden GroundNethermoor Road
Lot 51A Choice Village Occupation
Derby Road
Lot 52A Pair of CottagesDerby Road
Lot 53A Profitable Village OccupationNethermoor Road
Lot 54The Tupton Parish Council Allotments
Nethermoor Road
Lot 55Ankerbold HouseAnkerbold Road
Lot 56Ankerbold FarmAnkerbold Road
Lot 57Valuable Accommodation LandStation New Road
Lot 58Accommodation LandAnkerbold Road
Lot 59Corner Building SiteAnkerbold Road and Station New Road
Lot 60Accommodation LandAnkerbold Road
Lot 64Plot of Building LandWard Street
Lot 65Accommodation LandBridge Street
Lot 66Small HoldingQueen Victoria Road
Lot 70Four Lane Ends FarmDerby Road
Lot 71Accommodation LandQueen Victoria Road
Lot 72Accommodation LandQueen Victoria Road
Lot 73Accommodation Landoff Queen Victoria Road
Lot 74Accommodation Arable Landoff Queen Victoria Road
Lot 75Accommodation PastureNethermoor Road
Lot 76Accommodation PastureNethermoor Road
Lot 77Accommodation LandNethermoor Road
Lot 78Accommodation LotNethermoor Road
Lot 79Accommodation PastureDerby Road
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Wingerworth Hall auction lots

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